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Kevin bought this property in the Spring of 2012 and presented the deed to me on my birthday of that year. He brought me to the backyard and showed me the historical information he had about the property and said "Happy Birthday!"


The humor here is, the building was falling down, trees growing out of the windows, floors soft and squishy, ceilings drooping so you had to lower your head to avoid hitting them, rooftop collapsing with holes all over, poison ivy all over the property, not fit for the rodents that had taken residence in this space. He talked about wanting to restore one of the oldest buildings in the borough back to something that the people of the town could use and be proud of. He thought it would be something we could do together. 

This was the birthday present.

Kevin and I and a team of talented people spent three years transforming the falling down property into this space that we have grown to love. We have tried not to compete with the beautiful views of the Delaware river and the waterfall and the natural scenery out the windows. We have tried to compliment the scenery with luxury and comfort.  We hope you enjoy this space as much as we do.

~ Sherri Daugherty


Once called Watersong, the original construction of this house began in the early 1800's as part of the Joshua Vansant Plantation, who was a United States Congressional Representative from 1853 - 1855. Later bequeathed to his daughter who married Lewis Coryell who operated Coryell’s Ferry that is still in operation today in New Hope.


The Carriage House sits directly above the Aquetong river, whose waterfall once supplied the gristmill that is now the Bucks County Playhouse. After a fire destroyed the mill in 1790, then owner Benjamin Parry rebuilt the mill in 1792 and changed the name from Hope Mills to New Hope Mills. The newly christened New Hope Mills inspired the village to change its name from Coryell’s Ferry to New Hope.

After the Carriage House suffered from many floods, rotting and disrepair, most of the original building could not be saved. However the inner and outer stonewall that you see on the inside three walls of this building is original, as well as the fireplace.  Much love and attention has been given these walls to preserve them and keep them as one of the oldest structures in New Hope. 


The original carriage house was the garage that is adjacent to this Inn. It was built in the early 1900's and we believe the carriage doors are original. 


Today, the Carriage House is a three-room boutique hotel. It is not a traditional hotel, but a hybrid of a B&B style and home rental. Because there are only three rooms, you almost feel as if you're in a private house, one that comes with a full-time concierge. Your concierge will greet you, get you settled and answer any questions that arise.


The Carriage House's historic charm is retained with the original stone walls and fireplace, as well as sweeping river views that will transport you back in time.


Personal design touches deliver a luxury experience for the 21st-century traveler. Bedrooms feature high-end Garnier-Thiebaut linens and tech offerings including free wi-fi, a "smart" thermostat and Netflix. In the morning, enjoy our complimentary, in-room coffee and tea.

The renovation of the historic Bucks County Playhouse and the Carriage House of New Hope began the revitalization of the riverfront. It has continued with the expansion of The Deck Restaurant and Bar and the Ghost Light Inn located next door to it.

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