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New Hope: A Town with a Rich History

It’s no secret to residents and visitors alike that New Hope is quickly gaining popularity through online attention. In 2017 alone, bloggers have written about New Hope calling it “fascinating” and “straight out of a fairy tale.” This isn’t news to those who are lucky enough to call New Hope their home. Visitors, however, still have to experience all that New Hope has to offer. You might have heard about Peddler’s Village, or the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad already, seeing as they are a few of the town’s most popular attractions, but the town is rich with a history that few people are aware of. Here are a few fun facts about New Hope you’ll be happy to know about before you visit.

Benjamin Parry, one of New Hope’s original founders, constructed the Parry Mansion in 1874.

Four generations of direct descendants occupied the mansion until 1966, when it was acquired by the New Hope Historical Society. Today, each of the eleven rooms represents 125 years of decorative changes, which each room representing a different time period during which the Parry family occupied the mansion. Today, anyone can take a guided tour of the mansion.

New Hope started off as an industrial town. In fact, during its earliest days, New Hope was actually known as Coryell’s Ferry, who owned the town’s ferry business. When a large fire burned down several mills in the area in 1790, the reconstruction of the mills inspired hope, thus the town was appropriately named New Hope. Now, the village of New Hope is known for its thriving arts culture, unique shops and restaurants whose eclectic nature draws thousands of travelers each year.

George Washington is rumored to have spent a night in New Hope. History buffs are familiar with the story of Washington’s Crossing, which was a huge turning point of the Revolutionary War. A few historians believe that Washington actually lodged in New Hope the night before his famous crossing of the Delaware. Even though that rumor might just be folklore, we do know the Continental Army crossed here prior to the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778.

Bucks County has attracted many artists and performers over the years. New Hope and its surrounding areas has always attracted those with an interest in the arts, largely due to the fact that New Hope is home to the Bucks County Playhouse, a stage where many notable actors have performed. Bucks County has been home to people like Oscar Hammerstein II, William Lathrop, and the Berenstains, all who have left their artistic mark on the area.

Many historic buildings have been renovated and repurposed. New Hope’s culture is important to residents, which is clearly seen in their extensive effort to maintain buildings which can still be used by the public today. One of New Hope’s oldest historical homes, which once belonged to Joshua Vansant, a US Congressional Representative from 1853-1855, was recently renovated as luxury accommodations to house guests visiting New Hope and Lambertville. Much of the building’s original stonewalls, as well as the fireplace, was preserved and can be seen inside the Carriage House today.

If you are planning a visit in New Hope, a stay at the Carriage House is perfect for experiencing New Hope’s rich history firsthand. The luxurious suites have been expertly renovated to include amenities like free Wi-Fi, spa-like bathrooms with stone-tile showers, and custom furniture including king-sized beds. Our most exclusive suite even includes a gourmet kitchen. Visit or call 609-651-1686 to book your stay at the Carriage House today.

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