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Check Off Your Summer Bucket List in New Hope

Just as we posted on our Carriage House of New Hope Facebook last week, “August is the Sunday of Summer.” The phrase can mean a few different things to a number of people. If you’re like us, and use Sunday as your “Fun Day,” then August is the perfect time to check off your summer bucket list in New Hope PA!

Ambitious travelers might be able to complete this summer bucket list in one day, but we know it will take at least an entire weekend. Reserve a luxurious room or suite at the Carriage House today. Guests now have the option to rent the entire inn for just a night or the entire weekend. Experience unparalleled scenic views of the Delaware River in our beautiful, private outdoor space exclusive to Carriage House guests.

Here are a few things on our summer bucket list that you can find right in New Hope and its surrounding areas.

☑ Go on a Shopping or Antiquing Spree

New Hope’s shopping district is one of the best in Bucks County, with eclectic stores ranging from the upscale clothing and accessories at Angel Heart’s to the quirky, vintage pieces you can find at one of the local thrift stores. Walk over the Bridge to Lambertville NJ, the Antique Shopping Capital of New Jersey. Golden Nugget Antique Market is a must see!

☑ Experience a River Adventure!

We highly recommend canoeing, kayaking, tubing or rafting. There are many companies who host organized day trips down the river with an experienced guide. You can also catch a boat ride in the canal, or a historic tour on New Hope’s Splash Steamboat. Just make sure you wear a life jacket in the water!

☑ Visit a State Park

Just 10 minutes down the road from New Hope is Washington Crossing State Park, AKA the famous spot where President George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Day during the Revolutionary War. There, you’ll find plenty of trails for biking, jogging, hiking, or picnicking. There is even an open air theater that performs throughout the summer. This month, The Wizard of Oz and Snow White are being performed on some weekends. Or, if you want to stay local, the canal path in New Hope is a great place to bicycle, too.

☑ Watch First Friday Fireworks

Friday, September 1st, will be the last night of Delaware River Town’s “First Friday” series, which include the fireworks. First Friday features dozens of local galleries, boutiques, and restaurants in New Hope and Lambertville. The impressive fireworks display lasts around 10 minutes and can be seen on both sides of the river. However, one of the best views is along the river right outside the Carriage House!

☑ Tour the Bucks County Wine Trail

Did you know, that the weather in the Mid-Atlantic region which includes Pennsylvania, is optimal for growing a variety of different quality grapes? The Bucks County Wine Trail features world class wineries just minutes apart from one another. After your wine tasting tour, bring some of your” favorites” back to enjoy in your private outdoor space at Carriage House of New Hope!

Plan your stay in New Hope today- treat yourself to a luxury retreat in New Hope’s newly renovated Carriage House, located right in the heart of downtown New Hope. Call us today at (609) 651-1686 or visit our website at

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