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Introducing Full-Inn Rentals at Carriage House

One of the best parts about summertime is the weekend getaways. Although most people initially think “beach” when it comes to escaping for a weekend, why go somewhere likely to be overcrowded with tourists? Luckily, Carriage House is going to be offering full-inn rentals at a discounted price while the Riverfront Revitalization project is being completed. This has been an ongoing beautification of New Hope’s riverfront, and will eventually maximize river access for locals and visitors, and open up brand new shops and restaurants. While the construction is going on, guests have the advantage of experiencing all the luxuries Carriage House has to offer at a reduced rate.

When renting the entire inn, guests have access to all of Carriage House’s accommodations, including our most exclusive Suite 13 which houses a fully equipped gourmet chef’s kitchen and large front room for entertaining. The entire inn sleeps 7 guests and each room has a king-sized bed, with an additional roll away twin bed in Suite 13. You might be thinking right now, “But what would I do with an entire inn?” Well, we are glad you asked.

A full-inn rental means that you and your family, spouse, friends, or coworkers will have one of New Hope’s oldest historic homes all to yourself. And while we are in no position to tell you exactly what to do with your time, we would at least like to make some suggestions. Renting the entire inn is the perfect way to celebrate a long overdue girls’ weekend, a romantic anniversary, or even a staycation with your family. New Hope may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer. With well-known spots like the Bucks County Playhouse and Peddler’s Village, to the small gems you find just walking downtown, there really is something for everybody.

And now, with Carriage House’s reduced rates, you can enjoy one of northeast Pennsylvania’s most magical towns with all the amenities without the large price tag. While the best experience would be to rent the entire inn, Carriage House is offering reduced rates on all rooms for guests who rent Monday-Thursday while the Riverfront Revitalization project is still in full swing.

To find out more information about full-inn rentals at the Carriage House, call our friendly and hospitable innkeeper at 609-651-1686 to speak about rates. You can also stay current with what’s happening at Carriage House by visiting our Facebook or Instagram, or stopping by our website.

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